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For my Dad's Birthday
Some fathers are just father figures; A real father is still very rare; That’s why I value so highly The father/son bond that we share. I’m blessed to have a real father, Who displays his love with such ease, And that’s why I say on my father's bir
Andre Holmes
January 9, 2013
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    The Silk Road is a Turkish/Mediterranean Restaurant that creates delicious and freshly prepared a...
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    Gerrard Hem
    Gerrard Hem
    in Leisure - January 30, 2013
    HP notebooks are optimized for Windows 8. These notebooks are ideal for SMBs. They offer multimed...
    Su Kim
    Su Kim
    in Electronics - January 8, 2013
    • Su Kim
      Su Kim The system can be reset to state of delivery via HP's recovery system...  more
      1 likes this · February 7, 2013
    • Thomas Knight
      Thomas Knight I was waiting for this laptop for a long time :)
      February 7, 2013
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