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  • Description : Spiti is the sub division of Lahaul & Spiti district with its headquarters at Kaza. Spiti also means "Middle Country". It is called "Little Tibet" because it has almost the same terrain, vegetation and climate.
  • Location : Spiti Valley, Marango Rangarik, Himachal Pradesh
  • Phone : +177777777777


  • Mountains are calling and I must go!!

    The valley lies at a height of 2745 metres above sea level. Summer in this valley is cool and pleasant with green grass and alpine flowers. There are little monsoon in both these valleys and this enables climbers & trekkers to enjoy a long and unbroken season in perpetual sunshine to explore the wilderness and grandeur of the inner Himalaya.

    This unique feature makes Lahaul-Spiti as an ideal destination for tourists and trekkers in the month of July, August and September.Some inhabitants have adopted Buddhism as their faith and Bhoti is the spoken language. The people are simple and honest. It lies between Tibet, Ladakh, Kinnaur, Lahaul and Kullu. From Shimla via Kinnaur there is a motorable road which remains open up to Kaza for 8 to 9 months. About 10 Km. ahead of Pooh, Satluj enters India near Shipki la & Spiti River joins it at Khab. The road then goes to Sumdo via Hangrang valley. From Sumdo Spiti valley starts. The Spiti River flows fast through deep gorges at some places. It has an area of 4,800 sq. Km. The main Spiti valley is split into eastern and western valleys. They are connected with Ladakh and Tibet on eastern side & Kinnaur and Kullu on western side through high passes.