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  • Description: 1. If the size of BOPP labels is too large or too small, attention should be paid to the actual experiment to select the appropriate size specification. 2. For cylindrical bottles, especially those less than 30mm in diameter, BOPP labels materials should be carefully selected. 3. If the object to be pasted is an irregular surface or a spherical surface, the material type, thickness and adhesive of BOPP labels should be specially considered. 4. Label with automatic labeling machine, and conduct labeling experiment when necessary. 5. Even if the 5.BOPP labels is labeled at normal temperature, attention should be paid to whether it experiences high temperature during transportation and use. 6. More water or oil will affect the properties of adhesive, so attention should be paid to the environment and temperature of BOPP labels. After explaining the requirements of BOPP labels in detail, such as the surface to be pasted, labeling method, labeling environment, label size, and the use and storage conditions of products, customers can provide samples for customers to try to paste, and customers can consult technical or sales personnel. We are also a professional print labels supplier, if necessary, please click our website: