The Development Of Solar DC Freezer Is A Great Innovation Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Aug 13, 2020
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  • Description: Because the internal structure of the Solar DC Freezer is the same as that of the traditional DC freezer, but the power supply device is changed to solar cell, it is relatively simple to implement. The use of traditional DC freezer consumes a lot of conventional energy, which indirectly causes more and more serious environmental pollution. From the current energy supply situation and environmental protection demand, it will be the general trend to develop DC freezer using clean energy. In addition, there are many remote areas that have not been electrified and have no conditions to use electric freezers to preserve food, which also provides a potential market for the development of solar DC freezers. However, at present, there are various factors that restrict the wide application of solar DC freezer refrigeration technology. On the one hand, due to the low utilization efficiency and high price of solar energy and the influence of aging, the installation of solar collectors will be greatly limited for buildings with relatively concentrated living; On the other hand, there are many forms of solar refrigeration, but according to the present research situation, all kinds of refrigeration systems have shortcomings. How to further improve the operating efficiency of the system and the joint operation of various refrigeration cycles are the key areas of future research. At present, the technology of using a large amount of electric power to drive the traditional freezer has become more and more perfect. It is difficult to make a big breakthrough by simply innovating the freezer from the aspects of high efficiency, energy saving and electricity saving. However, the solar DC freezer still has a large development space and will be a development direction of the freezer industry in the future. The development of solar DC freezer is a major innovation in freezer industry, which will greatly promote the upgrading of the whole freezer industry technology chain and make great contributions to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. We are also a professional Ice Cream Freezer Suppliers, if necessary, please click our website: