Do You Know The Application Field Of Color Coated Aluminum Coil Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Aug 07, 2020
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  • Description: Color Coated Aluminum Coil are widely used in architectural decoration, food packaging, electronic appliances, printing, transportation and other fields. Let's take a detailed look at the specific application of color coated aluminum coil: Architectural decoration field: manufacturing roof board, roof board, curtain wall board, interior wall decorative board, ceiling board, honeycomb board, thermal insulation board, rolling door, shutter, etc. Food packaging field: manufacturing non-pressure food cans, pressure food cans, can lids, bottle caps, box covers, pull rings, food boxes, all kinds of food packaging sealed bags, etc. Electronic and electrical field: manufacturing air conditioning panels, washing machine panels, refrigerator panels, cabinet panels, and various digital electronic product housings. Printing field: manufacturing PS, CTP and UV-CTP printing plates. Transportation field: manufacturing the shell and inner wall of box trucks, car body panels, train car panels, ship interior panels, traffic facilities signs, advertising boards, bags. Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is also our hot product, you can click to view.