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  • Posted On: Aug 06, 2020
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  • Description: Some people say that China's Mini Car Freezer market is a "niche market of big automobile countries", but despite this, when the automobile market is facing heavy pressure from policies and even from within the industry, the mini car freezer market has gradually become Allen Su and entered a stage of market growth. In developed countries in Europe and America, mini car freezer have been widely used and become an organic part of the "mobile life" of car owners. In South Korea six or seven years ago, mini car freezer have also been widely used and become common consumer goods on automobiles. The reason why mini car freezer are popular in foreign countries is mainly because of their living habits abroad, and they like to go hiking in the distance on weekends. In addition, the refrigeration effect of freezer is basically satisfactory to consumers. In recent years, with the demand of consumers, manufacturers of mini car freezer in European and American countries have developed a full range of large-capacity compressor-type environment-friendly mini car freezer of 40-80 liters. Mini car freezer entered China around 2000. With the increasing number of cars in China, the popularity of self-driving tourism and the improvement of people's living standards will greatly stimulate the sales of mini car freezer. Mini car freezer will become the basic configuration for car owners. After several years of market running-in, there will be an obvious growth from the end of this year to next year. It is precisely because of seeing the infinite business opportunities in the domestic market that many special mini car freezer brands, which were originally only exported to foreign markets, have moved to the domestic market, while some foreign dealers are optimistic about China's mini car freezer market. We are also a professional China Refrigerator Manufacturer, if necessary, please contact us.