Would You Consider Such A Fire-resistant Aluminum Composite Panel Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Jul 31, 2020
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  • Description: Fire-resistant Aluminum Composite Panel has many excellent properties: it has fire resistance, can be baked at high temperature, does not collapse, does not melt, is extremely strong, and can win enough time for fire fighting and rescue work. It is environmentally friendly. Because it is made of inorganic materials, it does not produce toxic and harmful gases at normal temperature and high temperature. It is a high-grade building material favored by some economically developed countries. With thermal insulation, it is an excellent thermal insulation material in the fields of construction, metallurgy, electric power, etc., and has a full market in today's environment of vigorously advocating energy conservation and consumption reduction. With sound insulation and electrical insulation, it can be used in cars, boats, sound recordings, video studios, etc. It has processability and toughness similar to wood, but it will not be moldy, moth-eaten or caught on fire. Aluminum Corrugated Panel is also our hot product, you can click to view.