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  • Posted On: Jul 22, 2020
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  • Description: In the production process of Zinc Die Casting, the last step is often surface treatment. Do a good job in surface treatment, which can greatly enhance the appearance and beauty of the product, and at the same time improve its performance. Do you know the cost of surface treatment of zinc die casting? In order to make the appearance of zinc die casting products look beautiful, delicate, smooth and textured, the essential link is surface treatment. At this time, many customers will wonder if the cost of surface treatment of zinc die casting is very high. If we don't deal with it, can we save the money? There are many surface treatments for zinc die casting, such as electroplating, baking varnish, electrophoresis, sandblasting, oil spraying, painting, passivation, etc. Each process has different effects and different prices. How is the price quoted for surface treatment? The quotation for surface treatment also needs to be quoted according to the structure size and area of the product. The 3D drawings and the surface treatment process to be done will be given, and the engineering side will make a detailed quotation for you. If you want the appearance of zinc die casting to be good-looking, surface treatment is an essential link. Simply polishing and grinding is far from beautiful without surface treatment. In contrast, the sales volume of zinc die casting without surface treatment is far from high. In today's era, beautiful, fashionable and exquisite products are often more popular among consumers, so do you still care about the cost of surface treatment? Aluminum Die Casting is also our hot product, you can click to view.