Screening The Top Open Door Freezer By Various Conditions Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Jul 16, 2020
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  • Description: When we select Top Open Door Freezer, we select suitable freezers through various conditions. But many people can't tell whether the quality of freezer is good or bad, and whether it is worth buying. The core of a top open door freezer is its compressor, and a freezer needs refrigeration and runs on it. The importance of the compressor can be imagined, so if the compressor is good, the quality of the freezer will be completely different. And we can drop a few drops of water on the evaporator to see if it can turn into ice in a few seconds, which shows that the compressor is very good. The insulation layer of the top open door freezer is very important. Only when it is good can the cold air inside the freezer be preserved and refrigerated. Otherwise, the cold air will run away as soon as it is refrigerated, and it is impossible to refrigerate food well. Therefore, its quality is also very important. If you identify a good foaming layer, you should try it with your hands. A good foaming layer is firm to knead, heavy in weight, and has better fresh-keeping and energy-saving effects. The evaporator of the top open door freezer is a very important component, which determines the cooling speed and fresh-keeping quality of the freezer. Freezer adopts full air cooling design, copper tube with large evaporation area, which has fast refrigeration and strong fresh-keeping display effect. \u2460 Evaporator design: In order to design the evaporator, besides the given load, the evaporation temperature, superheat degree and liquid temperature before entering the expansion valve should also be given. \u2461 Cooling capacity: The cooling capacity directly determines the effective evaporation area of evaporator, i.e. the number and size of fins and the length of pipeline. Mini Car Freezer is also one of our product, welcome to buy and purchase!