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  • Posted On: Jul 10, 2020
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  • Description: 1. Galvanized Steel Composite Panel should be stored or installed in a dry and ventilated place in an appropriate way to avoid water accumulation, and the ambient temperature should not be higher than 70℃. Avoid installation in abnormal environments, such as smoke, wind and sand, radiation, harmful gases and chemicals. 2. Galvanized steel composite panel shall be laid flat during transportation or storage. When transporting, the four sides of the panel must be lifted at the same time. Do not drag unilaterally to avoid scratching the panel surface. 3. When slotting with slotting machine or gong machine, round head or V-shaped flat-head saw blade or milling cutter should be used for slotting, and 0.2-0.3 mm thick plastic core panel should be left to bend along with panel to increase strength and toughness and prevent hydrogenation of aluminum sheet. Excessive bending angle, cutting injury to aluminum panel or too thick plastic left behind will cause aluminum plate to break or film burst during bending. 4. When bending edges, it is necessary to apply uniform force and form once, and do not bend repeatedly, otherwise the aluminum panel will break. 5. In order to keep the flatness of galvanized steel composite panel and enhance its wind resistance, the galvanized steel composite panel should be lined with skeleton after bending and glued to the plate. 6. When it is used for arc surface decoration, the galvanized steel composite panel should be bent by bending equipment, and the bending radius should be greater than 30cm, so that the plate can gradually reach the required curved surface. 7. Install the galvanized steel composite panel on the same plane according to the same flow direction, otherwise the viewing angle color difference may be caused. 8. The protective film should be torn off within 45 days after the galvanized steel composite panel is installed. Otherwise, the protective film will age due to long-term exposure in the sun, which may cause glue sticking when tearing the film. 9. If there is pollution on the panel surface during construction or use, clean it gently with neutral detergent or alcohol, and avoid cleaning it with strong acid and strong alkaline detergent. We are also a professional Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers, if necessary, please contact us.