Lead Die Casting Has Certain Requirements For Performance Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Jul 08, 2020
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  • Description: Die-casting process is a special process, the quality formation of lead die-casting parts can not be controlled in practice, all process parameters are only indirect measurement of external control, and the true quality of lead die-casting parts can only be verified by back testing; At this time, the quality of Lead Die Casting has been formed, and the inspection results can not change the quality of lead die casting. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of die-cast products, it is necessary to take correct control measures for the die-casting process, such as strictly controlling the stability of process parameters and the consistency of personnel operation. However, it is particularly important to find unqualified lead die casting in time and reduce the loss of waste products as much as possible in the production process. Lead die casting is a product with air tightness and stability requirements, and its internal porosity, shrinkage cavity and air leakage defects are the main reasons for product scrapping. Therefore, in order to ensure and improve the quality of products and meet the requirements of mass production, some quality control measures are taken from the production preparation stage to exert some benign influences on the quality of die castings to ensure the reliability and stability of the quality of die castings produced in mass production. Zinc Die Casting is also one of our product, welcome to buy and purchase!