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  • Posted On: Jun 23, 2020
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  • Description: Whether the cup seal labels can be waterproof is also a problem that we have always been concerned about, so next let's tell us whether the cup seal labels can be waterproof. Cup seal labels are widely used in our life. Some of them will be used in damp and moist places. At this time, we are more worried about whether the labels will get wet. Once wet, not only will it affect the appearance, but there will also be residual glue when removing the sticker. In short, there are disadvantages and no benefits. So this is going to ask, is the cup seal labels? The answer is, waterproof. Then the previous worries no longer exist. Generally, the cup seal labels of film type can play a waterproof role. We can also test it, mainly the film on the surface. If this film is torn off, the sticker will not be waterproof. When labeling, there are several different concepts regarding viscosity: original viscosity and post-viscosity. The original stickiness is the stickiness performance at the beginning of labeling, while the latter is the main performance of stickiness after labeling and reaching a stable state. Not all labels become more and more sticky with the passage of time. Some labels have strong original stickiness, but weak post stickiness, and some labels have weak original stickiness (weaker than common ones), but strong stickiness, and stickiness will gradually increase with time to reach a good state within its scope! The heat transfer film is also our hot product, you can click to view.