Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers Give You Ten Advantages In Popular Science Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Jun 12, 2020
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  • Description: Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers share the following ten characteristics of aluminum composite panel: 1. Low quality: Aluminum composite panel is made of aluminum and plastic core material with relatively low density, so its quality is much lower than that of aluminum or other metals with the same rigidity or thickness, and much lower than that of glass and stone. 2. Good rigidity: The aluminum composite panel skillfully utilizes the mechanical principle of I-steel structure, ingeniously endows it with unique mechanical properties, and realizes the compounding under high temperature conditions. Compared with a single-layer aluminum panel, the aluminum panel has larger elastic limit, is not easy to deform, and can maintain good leveling performance for a long time in a natural state without too much external force. 3. Rich colors and strong decoration: The aluminum composite panel can be made into various colors on the drawing surface to carry out pattern design matching all purposes. In addition, it also provides a pattern design with precise texture and high quality, which cannot be obtained by single color, for simulating patterns such as granite, wood grain and metal by photocopying technology. 4. High surface flatness: Aluminum composite panel is produced by continuous thermal composite production process, so compared with metal panels made of single material, their surface flatness is high, especially for large-sized panels. 5. Good durability: The aluminum composite panel adopts the thermal composite technology of metal and core materials, and is firmly bonded. Its surface coating is made of different materials according to different application environments. 6. Good processability: The aluminum composite panel is made of aluminum and plastic. It is easy to cut, punch, cut, bend, etc. It can be processed by special processing equipment for aluminum or wood. Therefore, it can not only be processed in the production plant, but also the suggested composite board can be processed on site. 7. Excellent fireproof performance: In the series of aluminum composite panel, newly developed core materials are used for fireproof aluminum composite panel. This core material is filled with other inorganic fillers, so the improvement of fireproof performance has made a leap, reaching B1 standard and meeting the requirements of building regulations. 8. Good cost characteristics: Aluminum composite panel production adopts precoating continuous coating and metal/core material continuous thermal composite process. Compared with common metal veneer, it has high production efficiency and low raw material cost, and is a material with good cost characteristics. 9. Good environmental coordination: the aluminum and plastic core materials in the abandoned aluminum composite panel can be 100% recycled, with low environmental load. In addition, the wood-aluminum composite panel and the outdoor decorative aluminum composite panel adopt fluorocarbon coating, and the products have high durability, low daily maintenance cost and reduced the cost of the whole life cycle. 10. Wide range of uses: aluminum composite panel has good cost performance and wide range of uses. It can be used not only for decoration of curtain walls, inner and outer walls, lobby, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, etc., but also for reconstruction of old buildings, as the surface layer of counters, furniture, inner and outer walls of vehicles, etc. The Aluminum Corrugated Panel is also one of our product, welcome to buy and purchase!