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  • Description: After learning about Outdoor Protection Fabric, consumers should carefully identify the material of the clothes when purchasing. According to your needs, choose your favourite outdoor protection clothing and styles. If you wear it for violent sports such as playing ball and running, you can choose special sportswear to improve the quality and comfort of your sports and make yourself more comfortable. Then let's introduce some outdoor protection fabric. 1. Soft fabrics: Soft fabrics are generally light and thin, with good drape, smooth modeling lines and natural clothing contours. Soft fabrics are usually knitted fabrics and silk fabrics, as well as soft and thin linen fabrics. 2. Cool fabric: The cool fabric has clear lines and a sense of volume, and can form rich clothing contours. Common fabrics include cotton, polyester-cotton, corduroy and linen. This kind of fabric can be used in designs that highlight the accuracy of clothing modeling, such as the design of suits. 3. Gloss fabric: The surface is smooth and can reflect light, giving it a sense of brightness. This kind of fabric includes satin fabric, usually evening dress and performance dress. 4. Transparent fabric: The transparent fabric is light, light and elegant, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect. The lightweight nylon fabric is also our hot product, you can click to view.