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  • Posted On: Jun 04, 2020
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  • Description: Whether it is supermarket, convenience store or hotel kitchen, freezer is very important equipment, so regular maintenance and cleaning are of vital importance. Big Size Freezer can store large quantities of goods, so cleaning this equipment is not easy. The following tips are helpful for cleaning big size freezer. To clean the outer surface of a big size freezer, first cut off the power supply, then wipe the power supply with soft cloth, warm water or soapy water, and then wipe the power supply with clean water. Please note that the inside and outside of big size freezer cannot be washed with water to avoid leakage faults. Magnetic stripe When cleaning the freezer, please do not neglect the details, such as stains on the magnetic stripe of the door mat, please ensure timely cleaning. Otherwise, the service life of the gasket will be shortened, resulting in external hot air entering the room, thus increasing the internal temperature of the freezer, thus increasing power consumption. Especially when the gasket of the lower door is on the ground, it is easier to be polluted. Please remember to clean it in time. Compressor As the core element of a big size freezer, the compressor and condenser should be carefully cleaned. Do not scrub with water when cleaning. Use brushes to remove dust to ensure a good heat dissipation environment. Remember not to use corrosive detergents, alcohol, gasoline, liquids, etc. defrost After using the freezer for a period of time, the inner surface will be covered with frost. If the cooling effect is reduced or the power consumption is increased, it may indicate that the frost layer is too thick. Timely defrosting is also helpful to prolong the service life of the freezer. We can wipe the frosted place repeatedly with wet towel. You can also use a special deicing shovel to defrost the layer. It is suggested that big size freezer should be cleaned every half month to ensure food safety and prolong their service life. Mini Car Freezer is also our hot product, you can click to view.