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  • Posted On: May 29, 2020
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  • Description: As the economy continues to grow, the consumption of domestic aluminum products and the amount of social savings continue to increase. In addition, in recent years, the price of imported aluminum-containing waste materials continues to hang upside down. It will be an irreversible trend to use more domestic waste aluminum in the next few years. Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers point out that transportation is the main application area of recycled aluminum. With the economy entering the "new normal" and the domestic primary aluminum production capacity continuing to be surplus, it is almost certain that the price of primary aluminum will remain low. This also indicates that the demand for recycled aluminum in China will not increase significantly and the market price will not increase significantly in 2017. Aluminum composite panel manufacturers pointed out that the continuous promotion of automobile aluminum panels has become a new growth point for aluminum alloy consumption in recent years. At present, the recycled aluminum products in our country are basically primary cast aluminum alloy ingots. Although the direct supply mode of aluminum liquid in the manufacturing of recycled aluminum plants and downstream automobile parts has been developed rapidly in recent years, the type of recycled aluminum products has not been expanded in essence, and the regeneration of high-end deformed aluminum alloys is still in the exploratory stage. Therefore, the sustainable scientific and technological innovation of the recycled aluminum industry and the broadening of the types of recycled aluminum products will be the future development direction of the recycled aluminum industry. As the government further increases the degree of simplification and decentralization, and the market environment for recycled aluminum is further optimized, more non-ferrous metal recycled aluminum composite panel manufacturers are expected to enjoy preferential value-added tax policies to improve their competitiveness. Signage Aluminum Composite Panel is also one of our product, welcome to buy and purchase!