Important Basis For Structural Design Of Aluminum Composite Panel Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: May 22, 2020
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  • Description: The main mechanical properties of Aluminum Composite Panel include bending strength, bending elastic modulus, penetration resistance, shear strength, peel strength, etc. These are all important indexes related to the reliability and safety of aluminum composite panel and are important basis for structural design. The main use of aluminum composite panel is curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration. The curtain wall is the external maintenance component of the building, also known as hanging wall, which does not bear the main structural load, but mainly bears the self-weight, wind load, earthquake action and temperature action. Self-weight is a gravity load, a constant load that often acts. Due to the small density of aluminum composite panel, the stress generated by mass is small and does not play a major role. The latter three are variable loads, and the wind load for vertical building curtain wall is the main one, its value can reach 2.0-5.0KPa. As for the earthquake action, the aluminum composite panel is light, and even according to the maximum earthquake action coefficient, it is only 0.1-0.8KPa, far less than the wind force, and the temperature action is also very small. Therefore, like a curtain wall material, the resistance to wind pressure is the main factor to be considered. When wind force acts on the aluminum composite panel vertically, the aluminum composite panel mainly produces bending deformation, so bending strength and bending elastic modulus are one of the important properties and parameters of curtain wall aluminum composite panel. Shear is also the stress mode of aluminum-plastic composite panels, so penetration resistance and shear strength are also one of the important parameters for structural design. 180 peel strength is an important index reflecting the bonding performance of aluminum panel and core material. If the aluminum composite panel is seriously deformed and glued under its own or structural stress after being used for a period of time, the quality and safety of the building will be seriously affected. Metal Composite Panel is also our hot product, you can click to view.