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  • Posted On: May 21, 2020
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  • Description: 1. Ice cream is stored in the Ice Cream Showcase during the day, and the temperature is between-16 and-19 degrees. The ice cream showcase is set to automatically defrost every 6 hours for 6 minutes. when the machine performs automatic defrosting, the temperature will rise to between-5 and-8, which is normal. 2. Ice cream should be moved to the refrigerator (or freezer) for storage at night (it is recommended to shut down the ice cream showcase for rest at night for five to seven days). The temperature should be at least between-18℃ and-20℃, and the temperature of -25℃ is the best condition. 3. The refrigerator (or freezer) storing ice cream should be defrosted in real-time, once or twice a week. 4. As the ice cream is relatively hard just after being taken out of the freezer, it is suggested that the ice cream should be quickly transferred from the freezer to the showcase after the temperature of the showcase reaches -10 degrees in the morning. Later, the hardness of the ice cream can be tested with a test spoon. after about half an hour, the ice cream will reach a moderate hardness. the temperature of the showcase is automatically set to between-16 and-19. if the temperature rises rapidly due to outdoor temperature, the temperature can be adjusted manually. 5. Cover the ice cream with plastic wrap at night. If there are water drops in the plastic wrap, replace it immediately, because the water drops will contact the ice cream, causing ice cream to have ice residue, which will seriously affect the taste of the ice cream. 6. If the fruit on the fruit series ice cream is not fresh, it should be replaced in time, otherwise, it will cause customers to think that the ice cream is not fresh. Decorations including some milk series ice cream should be replaced immediately if they are not fresh. 7. The ice cream ball should be hit forward from the last part of the ice cream tray, and then moved forward when the back part is dug up from top to bottom. In this way, the ice cream decorated in front will not be damaged and its beauty will not be affected. In addition, when digging ice cream balls, by the way, all the remnants on the side of the dish will be dug up and cleaned up while digging, so that there will not be too many remnants in the dish and the vision will not be affected. 8. Check the ice cream at all times to keep it fresh and attractive to customers. Found a surface melting place or; Oxide layer; Use an ice cream scoop to scrape it off. Check and wipe stains on the display case at any time to make the window of the ice cream display case bright and clean. 9. All actions of the ice cream at normal temperature must be fast, so as to avoid the ice cream contacting normal temperature, because this will cause the ice cream to melt and then freeze to form ice crystals, affecting the taste. 10. Wash the ball player every time you play a ball. This will not affect the color and taste of the next taste. In addition, the water stains on the ball hitting device are shaken dry to prevent the water stains from falling on the ice cream to form ice crystals. Immediately after the ball is played, the ice cream display case is closed to prevent hot air from entering the display case. 11. The freshness of ice cream is within 2 weeks (this 2 week refers to the 2 weeks from the date when a plate of new ice cream stored in the freezer is placed in the showcase). It is suggested that ice cream can be sent out in the form of promotion within 10 or 15 days, such as buy one get one free. Don't ruin the brand by saving a little cost. 12. If the existing types of ice cream are not enough to cover the ice cream display case, clean empty plates should be used to fill the position, otherwise, the temperature of the display case will be affected. 13. Ice cream in the ice cream showcase should be placed alternately in different colors, because bright contrasting colors will attract customers' attention. Commercial Ice Cream Freezer is also our hot product, you can click to view.