There Are Many Varieties Of Colour And Lustre Of Cotton Nylon Fabric Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: May 19, 2020
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  • Description: Recently, cotton nylon fabric are mainly used to make casual jackets, trousers and jackets for men and women in spring. The domestic market is inactive demand. Due to the increase in spring clothing orders from garment manufacturers all over the country, the market advantages of some front-store and rear-store fabric companies that have passed the green environmental protection and ecological certification are obvious, and some garment factory buyers have seen a significant increase in spring clothing orders for export markets. Fabrics that have passed the green environmental protection and ecological certification are favoured. Local purchases are still increasing. Popular creative fabrics are in short supply. The added value of creative fabrics is still higher than that of staple goods products. Recently, in the China Light Textile City market, cotton and nylon fabrics have interacted with each other in many varieties. Some former and later factory-type cloth companies and large-scale operation stores have both creative styles of fabrics, which are favoured by buyers from the north and south and garment production enterprises in the secondary market. Local marketing is relatively smooth, and cotton and nylon fabrics are favored in spring. In spring, some cloth companies and large-scale outlets are relatively active in spot transactions and order taking. The new styles of cotton nylon fabrics, twill, satin, irregular random pattern and plain weave, twill weave and satin weave are very popular with their counterparts. Because the styles are novel and creative, and there are a wide variety of colours on the market, the number of transactions in recent days has also increased in different amounts. Buyers of counterpart clothing production enterprises are more enthusiastic in placing orders for many varieties. The yarn dyed fabric is also our hot product, you can click to view.