Reason For Noise From The Top Open Door Freezer Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: May 07, 2020
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  • Description: Generally, when the compressor of the Top Open Door Freezer works, the compressor will make a slight buzzing sound due to vibration. When the temperature reaches -7℃, the bimetallic strip is turned on. If the freezer clock is just in the defrosting state at this time, the defrosting heating pipe heats up and the compressor stops working, then the freezer has no sound at all. Moreover, when the compressor of the air-cooled freezer works, the small fan in the quick-freezing chamber also has slight wind. Unbalanced placement can also cause a slight noise. In general, if it is not too noisy at night, there is no need to repair it, and there is nothing to repair except to change the compressor. In fact, as long as it can refrigerate, there is no need to change the compressor. In addition, remind: the top open door freezer should not be powered on immediately after the power is cut off, and it should not be powered on until at least 10~20 minutes later, so as not to damage the compressor due to excessive current accumulation and failure to start. When the voltage is too low, the power shall be cut off immediately below 180v to prevent the compressor from being burnt down in low-pressure work. Do not stop the machine for too long for more than a few months, so as not to break through the heat dissipation network, condenser and other pipelines due to excessive air pressure, causing refrigerant loss and unable to refrigerate. The quick-freezing room is not cold due to freezing. Sharp tools cannot be used to cut ice. Hot water or hair dryer should be used to remove ice. Ningbo Bailing Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd is located in the well renowned city of Cixi at the staring point of the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge. The local industrial area has eagerly earned its fabulous reputation and has such been nicknamed "The Kingdom of electrical appliances". For more product details, please click on our official website: