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  • Description: The manufacturing process of hollow pin chain https://www.getechain.com/product/hollow-pin-chain/ determines the quality level. It is an important development strategy for enterprises to continuously develop high-tech content in the manufacturing process of non-standard chains, comprehensively improve the quality of hollow pin chains, and improve the competitiveness of China's chain industry in the international market. After the chain is heated to a certain temperature, it is cooled and saponified by chemical aqueous solution to make the surface color of the parts appear blue. The blue-colored high-strength chain has beautiful appearance and antirust effect. Galvanizing layer is formed on the surface of parts by electroplating method. Galvanizing layer can not only beautify high-strength hollow pin chains, but also galvanize high-strength chains are generally suitable for outdoor occasions. Structural form of chain: the structural form of chain specified in this standard is divided into two types, namely, solid pin shaft type and hollow pin shaft type. According to the different parts engaged with the sprocket, each form can be divided into: solid pin shaft cylinder chain, solid pin shaft large roller chain, solid pin shaft small roller chain, solid pin shaft with edge roller chain; Hollow pin shaft sleeve chain, hollow pin shaft large roller chain, hollow pin shaft roller chain with edge. The main non-standard chain will form a large forced restraining moment between the countershaft and the rear wheel buffer body. Under the influence of this moment, the task characteristics of the bearing will be destroyed, and the bearing will be subject to large force on one side and easy to heat and damage. Even if it is not damaged, the gap will be enlarged in a short time. After the bearing clearance increases, the task linearity of the countershaft will be destroyed, and the needle roller bearing will be damaged soon. What is more serious is that the damage will be transferred from the chain toothed disc to the starter. Therefore, we should pay great attention to this problem in actual use. Zhejiang Shenlong Chain Transmission Co., Ltd (the predecessor is Hangzhou Shenlong Chain Factory) is one of the biggest professional Chain factories in China. Belongs to joint-stock enterprises which cover 20,000 square meters. The company founded in 2006, Has a wealth of experience for manufacture several kinds of chains. There are more than 130 employees, including engineering technical personnel about 26 people. The annual production capacity is USD900,000, the annual sales amount up to USD720,000. About 40% export to abroad market, like Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. For more product details, please click on our official website: https://www.getechain.com/