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  • Description: The amount of ink used is usually determined by the size of the graphic area of the label, and the graphic area is designed by the customer, so the label printing enterprise has little room to adjust. Therefore, how can print labels supplier save costs? In general, when printing on a large area, most print labels supplier will print two layers of ink so as to avoid the occurrence of dirty spots. In fact, there is another reason for this: under the same color density, two layers of thin ink are used less than one layer of thick ink. A live piece needs to use a 500-line/inch, 4.0bcm anilox roller to print Kodak special red. In order to reduce the dirty spots when printing ink on foamed ps material, a two-layer ink printing method is adopted: the first layer of ink is printed with 1000 lines/inch, 1.5bcm anilox roller; The second layer of ink was printed with 800 lines/inch, 2.2bcm anilox roller. From the visual point of view, the colors printed by the two printing methods are almost indistinguishable, and the results measured by the instrument are all qualified. It should be noted that when printing a layer of thicker ink, the smoothness of the ink is usually not very good, it is easy to bloom and become false, and the color looks slightly lighter. If the coated paper is used for printing, ink penetration will aggravate this phenomenon. However, when printing two layers of ink, the situation is different. The first layer of ink is usually printed thinner. In addition to taking away the dirty spots on the printing material, it can also fill in the gaps or unevenness on the surface of the printing material. After printing the second layer of ink, the field printing effect will be smoother and the density measured by the instrument will be higher. Taizhou Gete Color Printing is a heat transfer film and label supplier as well as a designated printing trademark unit in Taizhou city, striving to provide customers with the best quality services. For more product details, please click on our official website: