Great Progress Has Been Made in The Manufacturing Process of The Combine Chains Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Apr 15, 2020
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  • Description: With the progress of the industry, the manufacturing process of the combine chains has also made great progress, and it is manifested in all aspects, including processing technology, processing equipment and various heat treatments. The following will introduce the progress one by one. From the processing technology of the combine chains, in addition to some of the original technologies, new technologies have also begun to emerge. The forming process of the combine chains involves new technologies such as continuous rolling, shot peening, hole extrusion, roller cold extrusion forming, high-speed repeated bright blanking of link plates, four-point riveting head, double-sided printing, etc., which to some extent promotes the quality of the combine chains to be greatly improved. In terms of processing equipment, high-speed driving chain sheet blanking machine, high-speed pin roll machine, high-speed pipe coiling machine, roller five-station cold extrusion machine, combine chains installation driving line, high-speed chain installation machine, multi-station flat top chain active forming installation line, etc. are all special-purpose equipment developed for the production of combine chains. Compared with traditional devices, both processing efficiency and processing quality have been significantly improved. The combine chains are bound to undergo heat treatment after being manufactured and moulded, so this aspect cannot be behind, of course, and greater progress makes the combine chains more ideal in performance. For more product details, please click on our official website: