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  • Description: I often see people asking such questions as which is better, ultrafiltration membrane or reverse osmosis water purifier. The following Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer will make a simple comparison for everyone. First, let's talk about ultrafiltration membrane. Ultrafiltration water purifier: The core filter element of the ultrafiltration water purifier is an ultrafiltration membrane, and the pore diameter of the ultrafiltration membrane ranges from 0.1 to 0.111 microns. Bacteria, silt, macromolecular organic matters, rust and the like in water can be trapped by the ultrafiltration membrane, while dissolved odor, pigment, organic matters and inorganic matters in water can pass through the membrane together with water molecules. Therefore, the ultrafiltration water purifier cannot filter out the residual chlorine in the water. Boiled water may also produce scale. Reverse osmosis water purifier: The principle of reverse osmosis is a popular water purification method in the world. The core filter element of a reverse osmosis water purifier is a reverse osmosis membrane with a pore diameter of only 0.0001 microns, while even small viruses have a diameter of 0.2 microns, so they cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. In addition, heavy metals, inorganic salts, organic matters, bacteria and the like dissolved in water cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. Water passing through the reverse osmosis membrane can reach the direct drinking standard. Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages between Ultrafiltration Water Purifier and Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier; The quality of the water filtered by the reverse osmosis water purifier is safe, various harmful substances in the water can be removed, the hardness of the water can be reduced, and scale cannot be generated. However, the power consumption is relatively high, and there are more joints, the structure is complex, and the price is high. In contrast, the ultra-filtration water purifier consumes less electricity, has fewer connectors, has a simple structure and is cheap. However, it cannot effectively remove the chemical pollutants in the water, and cannot reduce the hardness of the water, which will produce scale. No matter what type of aircraft, the most important thing is to look at the local water quality, and please don't blindly follow the trend. You can ask professional personnel before selecting, and then choose according to your own situation after comparison. For more product details, please click on our official website: