Reduce The Measurement Error of Roller Chain Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Mar 25, 2020
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  • Description: Whether making or using Roller chain, the length of roller chains is always measured. Even so, many people still do not know how to measure the elongation of roller chains. In order to avoid errors, we will teach you the correct measurement method, hoping to be helpful. When measuring the length of the roller chain, try to choose to operate under a certain degree of pulling tension on the roller chain in order to remove the play existing in the whole chain. In order to reduce the occurrence of errors, the measurement position is also very critical, and it is better to measure at 6~10 sections of the chain. In this way, the inner and outer dimensions between the rollers measuring the number of knots are the basis for the final subsequent calculation. However, there is a corresponding formula for the calculation of roller chain elongation length, which is taken as the standard for calculation, and the obtained value is compared with the use limit value of chain elongation in the preceding paragraph. The above is about the elongation measurement of roller chain, which can only be applied in batch after practice. For more product details, please click on our official website: