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  • Description: The waterproof and breathable mechanisms of Waterproof Fabric https://www.wanshiyitex.com/ include physical moisture permeability and functional moisture permeability, mainly in the following four ways: One is to use the difference between the minimum diameter of water droplets and the diameter of water vapour or air to achieve the goal of waterproof and air permeability. The pore diameter of fabric or fabric composite between the minimum diameter and the diameter of water vapor or air is adopted. The waterproof and air-permeable fabrics designed based on this principle include ultra-fine high-density fabrics, ultra-high density cotton fabrics, etc. The moisture permeability of this kind of fabric belongs to the natural diffusion of pores between yarns. High-density fabrics are widely used in sports and outdoor clothing due to their lightweight, durability, good moisture permeability, softness, good drapability and windproof. The main disadvantage is poor waterproof property. Due to the high density and poor tearing performance of the fabric, spinning must be treated specially, with high production cost and difficult processing. The second is to use the microporous membrane to make the pore diameter of the membrane micropores (micropore diameter is about 1nm) between water droplets and moisture and to compound the membrane with the fabric to endow the fabric with waterproof and breathable functions, such as 1. The microporous polymer film can be combined with the fabric through lamination or coating process to endow the composite with waterproof and breathable functions. There are many ways to generate micropores: micropores can be generated by biaxial stretching of the film, fillers (such as ceramics) can be added to the high polymer to form pores between the high polymer and the fillers, micropores can be generated by phase separation (polyurethane wet method), and pores can be generated in nonporous films by mechanical means (such as laser) to achieve the purpose of air permeability. The third is to use the hydrophilic components of the polymer membrane to provide enough chemical groups as stepping stones for water vapour molecules. Water molecules absorb water molecules on the high-humidity side due to hydrogen bonds and other intermolecular forces and are transferred to the low-humidity side for desorption through the hydrophilic groups on the polymer chain, thus forming an "adsorption-diffusion-desorption" process to achieve the purpose of air permeability, such as 2. The hydrophilic component may be a hydrophilic group in a molecular chain or a hydrophilic component of a block copolymer; Its waterproof property comes from the continuity of the film itself and the larger film surface tension. Lamination/coating is carried out between the film and the fabric to endow the fabric with waterproof and breathable functions. The fourth is to use the characteristics of shape memory polymer, shape memory polymer in the glass transition temperature region, due to the micro Brownian motion of molecular chain, the permeability has qualitative mutation, and its permeability changes with the change of outside temperature, namely intelligent function, like human skin, can be adjusted with the change of outside temperature and humidity. For more product details, please click on our official website: https://www.wanshiyitex.com/product/