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  • Posted On: Feb 28, 2020
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  • Description: The Aluminum Composite Panel(ALUBANG) https://www.alubang.net/ is formed by compounding aluminum alloy sheet as a surface layer and polyethene or polyvinyl chloride plastic as a core layer or bottom layer. It has aluminum-plastic-aluminum three-layer panel or aluminum-plastic double-layer composite panel and other varieties. Generally, the thickness is 3mm, 4m, 6mm or 8 mm. The aluminum plate on the surface of the plate has a bright colour after anodic oxidation and colouring treatment. Due to the adoption of a composite structure, it has the advantages of both metal materials and plastics and is mainly characterized by lightweight, firmness and durability, and stronger impact resistance and sag resistance than aluminum alloy sheets. It can bend freely and does not rebound after bending, so it is convenient to form. When bending along the cambered substrate, it can be tightly attached to the substrate without special fixing and is convenient to stick and fix. Due to anodizing, colouring, coating and other surface treatments, it has good decoration and strong weatherability. It can be sawed, riveted, planed (side), drilled, cold bent, cold folded, etc. It is easy to process, assemble, repair and maintain. Aluminum composite plate is a new type of metal-plastic composite plate, which is more and more widely used in exterior curtain wall, interior and exterior wall surface, cylinder surface and top surface finishing treatment of buildings. In order to protect its surface from scratch during transportation and construction, the aluminum composite panel is coated with a protective film, which is removed after construction. Because aluminum composite panel has many advantages such as lightweight, high strength, sound insulation, weather resistance, water resistance, fire prevention, easy installation, beautiful and luxurious appearance, its market share is rapidly expanding and it is likely to replace glass curtain wall. If you are interested in our products, you can click Metal Composite Panel https://www.alubang.net/product/metal-composite-panel/ to learn more information.