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  • Posted On: Feb 19, 2020
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  • Description: Precision roller chain consists of inner chain plate, outer chain plate, pin shaft, sleeve and roller. The inner link plate and the sleeve, the outer link plate and the pin shaft are in an interference fit, and the sleeve and the pin shaft are in clearance fit to form a dynamic connection. When the chain works in China chain factory(GETECHAIN) , the inner and outer chain internodes can flex relatively while the sleeve rotates freely around the pin shaft. In order to reduce the wear between pin shaft and sleeve, lubrication should be carried out between them. The roller is movably sleeved outside the sleeve and rolls along with the sprocket tooth profile during meshing to reduce wear between the chain and sprocket teeth. The inner and outer chain plates are all made into a figure of 8 so that the tensile strength of each cross-section of the chainplate is approximately the same, and the weight and inertia force of the chain is reduced. At the same time, there are four types of accessory structures specified in the standard: K-type, M-type, C-type and F-type. The K-type accessory is a bent chain wrench structure, and flat plates can be laid on the accessory to form a conveying chain for a top-supporting conveyor. The M-type accessory is a heightening chain wrench structure, on which secondary accessories can be added to form various conveying chains such as push-type or overhead rollers. The C-type accessory is commonly used in agricultural machinery to form a grain pulling chain, and the F-type accessory can be fitted with secondary accessories to form conveying chains with various push-type functions. In order to link the chain into a closed-loop, the two ends of the chain are connected by connecting links, which usually have three forms. When the total chain links that make up the chain are even numbers, split pins or spring clips can be used to fix the movable pin shaft on the joint. When the total number of links is odd, transition links can be used for the connection. After the chain is stressed, the chainplate of the transition link is subjected to an additional bending moment in addition to tension, and its strength is lower than that of the common link. Therefore, in general, it is better not to use odd chain links. If you are interested in our products, you can click conveyor chain to learn more information.