The Service Life of Modularly Connected Water Purifier Spare Parts Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Jan 16, 2020
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  • Description: The connection modes of Water Purifier Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) , that is, the connection modes of different filter materials, can be generally divided into module connection and pipeline connection. Modular connection means that the filter element is connected to the machine body or the water path through a connection module to realize the organic connection of different filter materials so that the product is easy to maintain and expand and the performance of the whole machine is more stable. The convenience brought by the modular structure is self-evident. The filter materials are convenient and safe to replace, self-replace, do not need tools, do not need workers to visit, and it is important that no leakage phenomenon occurs. At present, water purifiers produced in Europe, America and other countries mostly adopt modular connection. Pipeline connection is also a connection method of water purifier, which is still used by domestic enterprises and a few foreign enterprises. Pipeline connection means connecting different filter materials together through pipelines. When replacing filter materials, the pipeline connection requires professionals to replace them through professional tools, which is time-consuming and laborious. Replacing the filter material many times will affect the connection effect and sealing effect, and the problem of loose connection or leakage will easily occur. Due to the characteristics of water purification products such as frequent removal and replacement of filter elements and wading seals, the connection mode is an important indicator of the service life of the products, and the service life of water purifiers connected by pipelines is short and cannot be guaranteed. The service life of the water purifier connected by modules should be relatively stable and long. If you are interested in our products, you can click Water Filter Cartridges to learn more information.