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  • Posted On: Dec 09, 2019
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  • Description: 1. Decorative As the name implies, the decoration of Plush Fabric For Home Textiles(WARPKNITTEDFABRIC) is mainly used for decoration. Therefore, it is the most basic requirement for this kind of plush fabric to fully realize the decoration purpose. The decorative for plush fabric for home textiles is mainly reflected by the colour, pattern, style, style and texture of the fabric. At the same time, great attention should be paid to the coordination with the surrounding environment and the decoration objects. 2. Practicality This kind is different from the plush fabrics used for decoration and belongs to the practical plush fabric for home textiles. Although good decorative plush fabrics can give people artistic enjoyment, they must meet practical requirements. Among them, it is convenient to use, durable and meets the requirements of consumers for comfort. 3. Safety Not only the plush fabric for home textiles but also the plush fabrics used in hotels, hotels, ships, aeroplanes and other occasions where people gather have a flame-retardant function. According to different materials, some of them also have antistatic, waterproof and anti-harm effects on the human body caused by harmful chemicals to ensure safety and reliability. If you are interested in our products, you can click Plush Fabric For Baby Blanket to learn more information.