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  • Description: Printing Pile Fabric(WARPKNITTEDFABRIC) https://www.warpknittedfabric.com/product/printing-fabric/ is one kind of printed fabric. In the post-treatment process, this fabric is buffed to make the surface of the fabric show a certain velvet feeling and improve the hand feel of the fabric. The printing pile fabric has a smooth suede, full and soft hand feeling, full of pile feeling, soft lustre and endless light. The printing pile fabric is fluffy, thick and has good thermal insulation performance. When sleeping on a cold night, it is not as cold as when other cotton fabrics come into contact with the human body. Plush fabric, also known as ground wool. The process of grinding the fabric surface with sand grinding rollers (or belts) to form a layer of short and dense fluff is called napping, also called napping. It can make warp and weft yarns produce fluff at the same time, and the fluff is short and dense. Printing pile fabric has the advantages of no pilling, no fading, etc. The weight of a printing pile fabric four-piece set is twice that of a normal four-piece set. If you are interested in our products, you can click Super And Soft Plush Fabric https://www.warpknittedfabric.com/product/supersoft-fabric/ to learn more information.