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  • Description: Reverse osmosis system spare parts require regular cleaning and maintenance. The following are recommendations from the Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer(KOKOELECTRIC) . 1. Add enzyme detergent, treat the membrane with enzyme detergent, it is especially effective for organic pollution, especially for organic matter such as protein and oil. If it is better at 50°C-60°C, it is generally running 10 After a day or a half month, the membrane was washed once with a 1% enzymatic detergent at low pressure. Because of the lower concentration of the enzyme-added detergent used, the impregnation time was required to be longer. 2. For citric acid solution, the membrane is continuously or cyclically rinsed with a 1%-2% aqueous citric acid solution under high pressure or low pressure. This method has a good cleaning effect on Fe(OH)3 pollution. 3. Concentrated salt water, it is effective to clean the membrane with serious limb pollution by concentrated brine. This is because the high concentration of saltwater can weaken the interaction between the colloids and promote the condensation of colloids to form micelles. 4. An aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide, for example, 0.5 L, 30% H2O2 diluted with 12 L of deionized water, and then the surface of the membrane is cleaned, which is particularly effective for organic contamination. 5. Water-soluble emulsion, which is very effective for cleaning membranes contaminated with oil and iron oxide. It is generally cleaned for 30-60 minutes. 6. The simplest physical cleaning method is to use a low pressure and high flow rate membrane to wash through the water for 30 minutes, which can restore the membrane's water permeability to a certain extent, but the time is long, the water permeability is still reduced, and water and water can be used. The air mixed fluid rinses the surface of the film at a low pressure for 15 minutes, and it is effective to clean the film contaminated with the organic matter in the initial stage by this method. If you are interested in our products, you can click Reverse Osmosis Systems Supplier to learn more information.