Influence of Temperature Regulation on Manufacturing Quality of Dustbin Mould Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Oct 23, 2019
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  • Description: The influence of temperature regulation on the manufacture of Dustbin Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is very important. According to the understanding, it is summarized that the influence of temperature regulation on the manufacturing quality of dustbin mould mainly embodies the following key points. 1. Deformation Stable temperature and balanced cooling speed of the dustbin mould can reduce the deformation of products. For products with inconsistent wall thickness and complex shape, deformation often occurs due to uneven shrinkage. Therefore, a suitable cooling system must be adopted to keep the temperature of various parts of the dustbin mould and core basically uniform so that the plastic melt in the cavity can solidify simultaneously. 2. Dimensional Accuracy Using the temperature adjusting system to keep the temperature of the dustbin mould constant can reduce the fluctuation of the product moulding shrinkage and improve the stability of the product dimensional accuracy. If possible, a lower mould temperature of the dustbin mould can help reduce the moulding shrinkage of the product. For example, for crystalline plastics, because the mould temperature is lower, the crystallinity of the product is low, and the shrinkage rate can be reduced by lower crystallinity. However, low crystallization is not conducive to the stability of the product size. Starting from the stability of the size, it is also necessary to appropriately increase the mould temperature of the garbage can to make the product crystallize evenly. 3. Mechanical properties For crystalline plastics, the higher the crystallinity, the greater the chance of stress cracking of the product, so it is advantageous to reduce the stress cracking angle and control temperature. 4. Surface quality Increasing the mould temperature of the dustbin can improve the surface quality of the product. A too low mould temperature will make the product outline unclear and produce obvious fusion lines, resulting in an increase in the surface roughness of the product. If you are interested in our products, you can click Crate Mould to learn more information.