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  • Description: Many people know that water filters have good spare parts, but they don't know why Water Filter Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) help us to purify the water. Next, let's talk about what is in the water and why we need to install a water filter. 1. Particulate impurities: Domestic drinking water is usually municipal tap water. Tap water is clean when it comes out of the tap water plant, but secondary pollution, mainly rust, silt and so on, occur when it flows to the household through pipelines. Therefore, the particulate impurities must be solved. 2. Colorful Odor: Does your tap water often have yellow water? Is there any serious odor? Rust in tap water pipes and yellow water are common. Bleaching powder is used for disinfection of tap water, and the water in your home will naturally have a taste. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the peculiar smell of different colors. 3. Scale: Scale is a common problem in northern families and also in the northwest. The formation of scale is caused by the kettle boiling water for a long time. Using the water filter can not only remove the scale but also avoid it. 4. Bacteria: Water grows bacteria easily at a certain temperature, so it is very necessary to install a device to solve the bacteria problem at the home terminal. If you are interested in our products, you can click Water Purifier Spare Parts to learn more information.