Skill Requirements for Conveyor Chain Mobile Community

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  • Description: 1. Reliability and protection are good. The conveyor chain(GETECHAIN) should be resistant to abrasion and high temperature to withstand special environments. 2. Good wear resistance. When the conveyor chain is operated, the number of teeth of the sprocket is small, and the point of twisting between the links is large. The wear of the chain and the elongation of the chain constrain the service life. 3. Lightweight and high strength. The weight of the conveyor chain itself is generally proportional to the load the chain is subjected to. Excessive chains can increase the tension in the chain and make the delivery limited and uneconomical. 4. The resistance to sliding or rolling is small. The conveyor chain is mostly gliding on the track or the roller supports the tumbling tumble. The resistance to sliding or tumbling is small, and the forward power and the lifespan. 5. Strong impact resistance. A conveyor with uneven load, or a conveyor at high speed, has a shock load in a considerable number of cases, and the conveyor chain should have a strong resistance to impact. Click agricultural chain to learn about more information.