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  • Posted On: Aug 27, 2019
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  • Description: Many people are wondering why the new product of water purifier is developing faster than the water dispenser. In fact, the water purifier is closely related to the environmental problems of modern society. The water purifier can not only solve the drinking water safety problem of residents, but also save energy, environmental protection, and health, and has obvious advantages compared with traditional barrel purified water. However, due to the large size and expensive cost of the water purifier, coupled with the lack of consumer awareness, the water purifier market share is still small compared to traditional water dispensers. At this time, everyone can't help but ask: Why is the price of Water Purifier Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) more expensive? First, the core components are complex. Compared with traditional bottled water and water dispensers, the price of water purifiers is high, because the internal structure is more complicated, and the water purifier spare parts are mostly imported from abroad, and the cost is naturally much higher than that of traditional water dispensers. Second, the initial investment in enterprise development is huge. Water purifiers are high-tech industries. In the early stage of enterprise development, due to the huge investment in R&D, the production of products is not large-scale, the industrial chain of the upper and middle reaches is imperfect, and the investment in brand promotion and channel construction is huge. These have become clean water. The price of the device is high. Third, product positioning, visibility, materials, technology, and after-sales factors. The price of each product is not unfounded, covering a wide range of factors. The merchant will determine the price of the product according to the positioning of the product, and the price of the high-end product is naturally high. Brands with higher visibility have higher credibility than other brands. For a penny of goods, the material, production process and after-sales service of the product directly determine the price of the product. Fourth, the big companies in the industry have the right to speak. We all know that large companies in the industry have always led the whole industry trend. Because of its high popularity, it not only established perfect after-sales service but also learned the real needs of the market after many years of deep cultivation. There is a big say in technology and price. In recent years, the water purification industry has sprung up with lightning speed. With the deep-rooted concept of energy conservation and environmental protection and the continuous improvement of consumers' cognitive ability, the water purifier market will surely have a place. The price factor that affects consumers' purchases will also decrease with the continuous innovation of industry technology and the decline of production costs. At that time, water purifiers will become the most eye-catching products. Click Water Filter Spare Parts to learn about more information.