Driving Chain Manufacturer Explains The Main Cause of Corrosion Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Aug 22, 2019
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  • Description: The driving chain will naturally have some corrosion due to the working environment used. What is the main cause of the driving chain being corroded? The Driving chain manufacturer(GETECHAIN) https://www.getechain.com/product/driving-chain/ explanation mainly includes the following points. 1. In the process of production, the driving chain does not strictly comply with the requirements of the chain parts in the processing process and the installed product chain to prevent rust. 2. The quality of the products used for anti-rust lubricants and clean kerosene does not meet the requirements of the technical specifications. 3. Because the price of chain steel is gradually decreasing, and then the formation of chain steel raw materials is gradually falling. Such as the high content of non-metallic impurities in steel and the deviation of metallographic arrangement. The chain steel materials used by the production company to produce the chain are inferior. 4. The environmental conditions of the location where the driving chain is produced are poor, the amount of harmful substances in the air is high, and the turnover place is too small to be used for useful anti-rust treatment. Coupled with the hot weather, the production workers violated the anti-rust procedures and other scenes. These are the reasons why we will analyze the corrosion of the driving chain. Therefore, we can also purchase the above according to the above, and choose the driving chain with excellent craftsmanship, good materials and good factory environment. Click hollow pin chain https://www.getechain.com/product/hollow-pin-chain/ to learn about more information.