Analysis of Maintenance Problems of Daily Necessities Mould After Weather Cooling Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Aug 19, 2019
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  • Description: For the Daily Necessities Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) manufacturing industry, it is best to keep the low-temperature maintenance of the daily necessities mould production equipment to ensure the follow-up work. Let us introduce you today: In fact, daily necessities mould manufacturers can mainly start from the following three points: First of all, targeted training, establish a good sense of daily necessities mould maintenance. Training on mould operation and maintenance, and strictly implement various maintenance work of tooling moulds, establish a good sense of mould maintenance, and thus effectively improve the service life of daily necessities mould and ensure product accuracy. Secondly, to achieve the daily necessities mould preheating temperature control, control time. The casting and forging center strictly follows the requirements of the quality system and controls the daily necessities mould to be preheated at 250 °C, and the preheating time is not less than 24 hours, ensuring the normal use of the tooling and the strict quality of the products. Due to the cold winter, the mould cools down quickly. When the casting and forging center is used for more than 15 minutes in the equipment, the mould must be unloaded and sent to the electric heating furnace for heat preservation. When the equipment stops for less than 15 minutes, the daily necessities mould The method of flame baking type heat preservation is carried out, and the flame baking machines of each part on the site are lengthened at the same time to ensure that the mould heat preservation is evenly in place. Third, the various processing departments of the casting and forging center have formulated effective use and maintenance plans for daily necessities mould according to their own production practices. Forging a site and a sub-section strictly regulates the humidity and usage of the sawdust used for the mould, ensuring that the mould is normally released, and preventing mucosal problems caused by improper use of sawdust. Click Household Product Mould to learn about more information.