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  • Posted On: Jul 16, 2019
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  • Description: Since the polishing of Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) https://www.furnituremould.com/ is mainly done manually, polishing technology is still the main reason for the quality of polishing. In addition, it is related to the mould material, the surface condition before polishing, the heat treatment process, and the like. High-quality steel is a prerequisite for good polishing quality. If the surface hardness of the steel is uneven or the characteristics are different, it will often cause polishing difficulties. Various inclusions and pores in the steel are not conducive to polishing. The effect of the same hardness on the polishing process: The increase in hardness increases the difficulty of grinding, but the roughness after polishing decreases. Due to the increased hardness, the polishing time required to achieve a lower roughness is correspondingly increased. At the same time, the hardness is increased and the possibility of excessive polishing is correspondingly reduced. The effect of the surface condition of the workpiece on the polishing process: During the crushing process of steel machining, the surface layer may be damaged by heat, internal stress or other factors, and improper cutting parameters may affect the polishing effect. The surface after EDM is more difficult to grind than the surface after ordinary machining or heat treatment. Therefore, the fine gauge quasi-electric spark should be used before the end of EDM, otherwise the surface will form a hardened thin layer. Click Air Cooler Mould https://www.furnituremould.com/ to learn about more information.