Introduction to The Insertion And Removal Method of Water Purifier Spare Parts Mobile Community

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  • Description: As a necessary Water Purifier Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) , the quick connector is used in the order of installation. The first type, when removing the pipe, first take off the blue semi-circular small card at the interface, push the protruding part of the joint mouth, press it by hand, the pipe is easily taken down, remember not to be directly hard Pulling the pipe can easily cause the joint to leak. If the joint is found to seep, remove the pipe and cut off a small section to reconnect. In the second type, the left hand holds the white moving ring, and the right hand pulls out the water pipe at the same time, and the tube is easily removed. The first type of the same type, when connecting the pipe, first remove the blue semi-circular small clip at the interface, cut the white water pipe provided by the machine, and insert the pipe into the joint. After the pipe is tightly tightened, pull it out slightly, then the card is stuck and the pipe connection is completed. The second type, flatten the white water pipe connection provided by the machine, insert the pipe into the joint forcefully, and then try to pull it out, it will not be pulled out. Click Water Filter Spare Parts to learn about more information.