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  • Description: In recent years, many households have used household water purifiers to purify drinking water, while home RO membranes play a huge role in household water purifiers. In order to make the water quality clearer, let the role of the home RO membrane play a better effect, what should be paid attention to during the usual use? The Reverse Osmosis Systems Supplier(KOKOELECTRIC) tells you that there are three major precautions for the operation of RO membranes at home: 1. Pay attention to controlling the pH of the influent Since the hydrolysis of the cellulose acetate membrane of the household RO membrane is liable to cause deterioration of the performance of the reverse osmosis apparatus, the pH of the water must be strictly controlled, and the pH of the influent water must be maintained within the prescribed range. 2. Pay attention to controlling the influent flow Excessive influent flow will cause the household RO membrane module to deteriorate prematurely, so the influent flow rate cannot exceed the design standard value. In addition, the flow rate of concentrated water should be avoided as much as possible below the design standard value. When the concentrated water flow rate is too small, the non-uniform flow in the pressure vessel of the reverse osmosis device will occur, that is, the fouling will be deposited on the membrane module due to excessive concentration. . 3. Strengthen booster pump maintenance The study found that if the booster pump of the reverse osmosis water purifier is suddenly interrupted, even if it only appears for a short time, it may cause damage to the whole water purifier. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen maintenance and management to ensure the normal operation of the booster pump. There is also a suitable margin for the reverse osmosis inlet pressure of the household RO membrane, otherwise the salt rejection will be reduced due to the lack of proper pressure. Click Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer to learn about more information.