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  • Description: Reverse osmosis, also known as "RO", is a water treatment technology used since the 1950s to produce high quality drinking water that contains virtually no health or aesthetic contaminants. It is commonly used to treat water supplies with high dissolved solids content (TDS), such as brackish water, salt water or sea water. The Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer(KOKOELECTRIC) uses a point RO system that works by forcing pressurized water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane that acts like a filter, leaving larger suspended particles and most dissolved material. The RO system effectively removes excess salts and other dissolved minerals, taste and odor, heavy metals, microorganisms, nitrates and pesticides. The most important thing about RO and filtration is that RO removes minerals and fluoride from drinking water and does not filter. This means that important minerals such as calcium and magnesium required for your bones and teeth are removed. Click Reverse Osmosis Systems Supplier to learn about more information.