Detailed Analysis of The Composition of The Chair Mould Mobile Community

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  • Posted On: Jun 05, 2019
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  • Description: 1. Cavity injection moulding cavity and cavity part of moulded plastic part, the shape of the cavity is the same as that of the plastic part, and the cavity is composed of the core and the cavity. 2. The part that forms the cavity of the Chair Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) part, usually including the core cavity. 3. The pouring system refers to the plastic nozzle through the nozzle cavity of the injection moulding machine as the pouring system, the main system of the pouring system, the diversion channel, the gate, and the slag hole. The gate, the tie rod and the fixed template are on the three parts of the port. 4. Guide mechanism to ensure precise alignment of the steering components during moving mould and mould closure. There are typically guide posts, guide holes or inner and outer cones that match each other on the moving mould. 5. The starting mechanism releases the mould from the mould during the opening of the chair mould. Some chair mould are designed to avoid tilting during spraying and also have guiding members to maintain the push plate level. It consists of a push plate, a push rod, a push rod fixing plate, a reset rod, a main passage rod, a support pin, a push plate guide post and a push plate guide sleeve. 6. Set up a cooling or heating system to meet the chair mould temperature requirements for the injection process. The cooling system typically opens the cooling passages in the chair mould and the heating elements are mounted inside or around the mould, such as an electrical heating element. 7. The exhaust system during injection moulding, in order to remove gas from the chamber, open the exhaust system. It is usually divided into parting surface clearance, core, cavity clearance or exhaust tank exhaust. 8. A support member for mounting and securing or supporting a moulded part and a part of the aforementioned part. The support members are assembled together to form the basic skeleton of the chair mould. 9. The side separation and core structure drive the movable core as a side separation and core pulling mechanism. Click Table Mould to learn about more information.