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  • Description: 1. Dimensional accuracy and its relative size According to the specific requirements and functions of the overall products of plastic products, it is necessary to determine the appearance quality and specific dimensions of Daily Necessities Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) : plastic products with higher appearance quality requirements and lower dimensional accuracy requirements, functional plastic products, strict dimensional requirements; plastic products The appearance and size are strictly required. 2. Is it reasonable to peel off the bevel? The demoulding slope is directly related to the demoulding and quality of plastic products, that is, whether the injection can be carried out smoothly during the injection process: the draft is sufficient, and the plastic product is inclined when forming the parting or parting surface, whether it will affect the appearance accuracy and the wall. Thick size. 3. Will it affect the strength of some plastic products? Determination of the separation surface; Will not affect the appearance; Ensure the accuracy of the product, the daily necessities mould processing, especially the cavity processing; Conducive to the design of the gating system, exhaust system and cooling system. It facilitates daily mould opening (splitting, demoulding) to ensure that the product remains on the side of the moving mold when the daily necessities mould is opened, facilitating the alignment of the metal blocks. Click Household Product Mould to learn about more information.