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  • Posted On: Apr 23, 2019
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  • Description: In series circuits, direct cooling to the location where the coldest is required: usually, thick sections, hot stamping or custom Household Product Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) equipment. In order to achieve efficient heat exchange through the customized household product mould towards the coolant, a blueprint is applied to the cooling system to obtain turbulent movement, ie, the Reynolds amount is significantly greater than the turbulent start importance associated with approximately 2,600. The number of Reynolds is related to 10,000. The importance of the common blueprint target is that the order in which the water coolant exchanges heat and magnetic force are faster than the laminar motion. Do not underestimate the cooling requirements associated with thin-walled components. The minimum cooling time can be reduced to a quarter by partially reducing the wall size. In order to achieve a reduction in overall cycle time, the cooling method must remove heat at a rate of 4 times. To solve different factors: 1. Using the flow control instrument to check the obstacle and modify the moving speed of the coolant through the cooling circuit; 2. Prevent movement restrictions, quick disconnects, and different obstacles, increase tension and reduce coolant movement speed; 3. Provide sufficient coolant movement to limit the coolant heat in the loop to no more than 4.5 degrees. Click Daily Necessities Mould to learn about more information.