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  • NBA 2K21, Mamba Eternal Edition, the king of basketball games pays tribute to the absolute king on the basketball court

    Posted by Neyman Andrew July 22, 2020 - 1,594 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #nba 2k21 
    Some time ago, NBA2K officially announced the opening of the pre-sale of "NBA 2K21". After successively announcing that Damien Lillard and Zion Williams became the cover of the 21st generation of the series, Kobe Bryant was officially announced as this. The third cover character of this game, and launched the Mamba Eternal Edition to commemorate the great history of Kobe Bryant for basketball.
    So far, the four versions of "NBA 2K21" launched this time are the current "Lillard Normal Edition", the next-generation "Zion Normal Class", the current "No. 8 Kobe Eternal Edition" and the next-generation "24 Kobe Eternal Edition".
    Unlike previous years, NBA2K replaced the previous legendary version with the Mamba Eternal Edition. This time the Mamba Eternal Edition will also present additional Kobe Digital Collection and Sapphire Lillard and Zion Fantasy Team cards.
    Since the birth of "NBA 2K1" in 1999, the "NBA 2K" series of game works have been regarded as the king of existence in the electronic basketball game industry, and Kobe Bryant is an absolute who has his own era in the NBA. King, this time the Mamba Eternal Edition will be the best tribute from the King to the King.
    The most important things in this game is still NBA 2K21 MT & VC.

    1. An epoch-making basketball game

    In 1999, the first version of an electronic basketball game "NBA 2K" co-produced by R Star and 2K Games was officially released.
    The game boldly integrated the hot American basketball professional league NBA, which caused quite a stir at the time.
    "NBA 2K", which focuses on realistic game experience and fine operation, instantly occupied a part of the market in basketball video games and attracted a large number of fans.
    Although the fledgling "NBA 2K" at the time was not enough to compete with the "FIFA" and "NBA live" series of games produced by Electronic Arts.
    However, the "NBA 2K" series of game works have undergone continuous development. With all-round NBA experience, exquisite player signature actions and meticulous and precise operation, players can experience the endless fun and charm brought by basketball games in all directions. "NBA 2K" will later It has also become the only electronic basketball game that can compete with the then "NBA live".
    In "NBA 2K", there are five positions of point guard, shooting guard, power forward, small forward and center, which greatly restores both sides on the NBA arena.
    And the "NBA 2K" follow-up series continue to add some of the popular basketball stars at the time, the selling points and covers of the most series of works, such as Allen Iverson of "NBA 2K4", Ben Wallace of "NBA 2K5", "NBA Shaquille O’Neal in 2K7, Kevin Garnett in NBA 2K9, LeBron James in NBA 2K14, Kevin Durant in NBA 2K15, and James Ha in NBA 2K16 Den and Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis and so on.
    "NBA 2K" series of works by virtue of excellent promotion and production, coupled with the authenticity and playability of the game itself, "NBA 2K" series of game works even surpassed the "NBA live" series of game works.
    Both "NBA 2K" and "NBA live" are epoch-making game works in the history of electronic basketball games, and have always been the world's most popular classic electronic basketball games, with a very large fan base around the world .
    However, as the "NBA live" series of games withdrew from the stage of electronic basketball games, the "NBA 2K" series officially became the king of electronic basketball games. There is no doubt that whether it is the "NBA live" series or "NBA 2K" The series are epoch-making works in electronic basketball games.

    2. After the 21st generation, there may still be criticisms that the anniversary game cannot get rid of

    From the first generation of the "NBA 2K" series to the present, "NBA 2K" has officially sold 20 generations of works. With the upcoming "NBA 2K21", the "NBA 2K" series has gone through 21 years and has Twenty-first generation works.
    Like the "FIFA" and "Madden NFL" series of games, they are both an anniversary game. The so-called anniversary game is a series of games that produce a generation of works a year, and an anniversary game that is updated too frequently.
    While maintaining the heat in this way, there is a criticism that cannot be shaken off that is that the gameplay and operation of the adjacent generations of works have little changes in the gameplay and operation, and there are few elements added, but the krypton gold elements continue to increase.
    Last year’s "NBA 2K20" was complained by many players. The content is similar to the original, the price is expensive, and the server is unstable. In fact, the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth generation works have the same problems and even the game content is almost Exactly the same.
    In today’s 21st generation of works, the price of "NBA 2K21" has increased again, with constant releases of works and constant price increases. Players spend money to play exactly the same games as before, and shed tears in front of the screen. .
    Of course, this is not a unique issue of the "NBA 2K" series. Almost all anniversary games on the market have this inescapable criticism.
    This 21st one hopes that what it can bring to players is a brand-new experience and different and usual fresh factors. After all, as the overlord of electronic basketball games, it can no longer release almost the same works as before, standing in front of the screen. Watching that string of numbers are rising, it is time to understand that only continuous innovation can capture the hearts of fans, and can no longer cheat on the bottom and block the feelings of fans.
    Although hope is not great, let us look forward to whether the game content of "NBA 2K21" can bring about change and innovation.

    3. The eternal basketball game king in the hearts of basketball fans

    Even though the "NBA 2K" series of game works have a series of indispensable anniversary games, it still cannot stop fans from loving and pursuing this series of electronic basketball games.
    Even if they are similar, fans are willing to spend money to buy their own "NBA 2K". There is not such a saying: every basketball fan has his own "NBA 2K".
    For the "NBA 2K" series of games, fans are no longer solely for the experience and pleasure of the game. They pay more for the basketball they love and their youth, not for anything else but for their feelings. This is a lot of basketball. The main reason why game lovers buy the "NBA 2K" series of games.
    The development of the "NBA 2K" series of game works has accompanied the youth of many basketball fans, and has also allowed basketball fans to experience the thrill of scoring and winning in a virtual game world, completing their unfulfilled hearts Regrets and concerns.
    In the hearts of fans, "NBA 2K" represents youth and feelings. This series of games will always be the eternal e-basketball game king in the hearts of basketball fans.

    4. Kobe Bryant, the legendary and great absolute king of basketball

    Kobe Bryant, he is the best scorer in the game, the absolute king on the basketball court, and a legend in the hearts of fans.
    Kobe Bryant, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was the best basketball player in high school. He led the team to a score of 77 wins and 11 losses, won the first continental championship in team history in 50 years, and shocked the United States;
    Kobe Bryant, the sixth man in history to enter the NBA draft directly, was selected by the Charlotte Hornets, and then traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, playing for the Los Angeles Lakers throughout his NBA career;
    Kobe Bryant, helped the Los Angeles Lakers win five NBA championships, won a regular season MVP in 2008, two finals MVPs from 2009 to 2010, and four NBA All-Star Game MVPs;
    Kobe Bryant has been selected to the NBA All-Star team 18 times in his career, selected to the All-NBA team 15 times, and selected to the All-Defensive team 12 times. Gorgeous statistics are unique;
    Kobe Bryant, who has been selected to the NBA All-Star Game for 17 consecutive times, has become the player with the most consecutive All-Star games in NBA history;
    Kobe Bryant, scored 81 points in a single game, the youngest 5,000-point player in the playoffs, shocked the four players;
    Kobe Bryant, the first player to retire two jerseys (No. 8 and No. 24) of the same player on the same team in the NBA;
    Kobe Bryant, the best scorer on the basketball court, stable jump shots, sharp breakthroughs, has won countless honors and awards for his entire NBA career;
    Kobe Bryant, no one would have thought that an unexpected thing would separate heaven and man, and the whole world would pray for him and remember him together;
    Kobe Bryant, persevering character, unyielding personality, Mamba spirit will last forever.
    "Have you seen Los Angeles at four o'clock in the morning?" Kobe's story is beyond words, and his achievements are infinite.
    What he means to the fans is even more unimaginable. There is no doubt that Kobe Bryant is the absolute king in basketball games. He is legendary and great among many basketball players and NBA history. exist.

    5. The great game pays tribute to and remembers great people, although you are far away, you are still in my heart

    One is the king of electronic basketball games, and the other is the absolute king on the real basketball court. The release of the Mamba Eternal Edition is a tribute to the king.
    The spirit of Mamba will not go away, Kobe will always exist in the hearts of fans.
    "NBA 2K" may not be considered a great game for some people, but in the hearts of basketball fans, in the history of electronic basketball games, the existence and persistence of "NBA 2K" created its history.
    Like Kobe Bryant, they are all qualified to be called great in their field.
    The release of Mamba Eternal Edition is a tribute and memory of the great game to the great and legendary Kobe. Although you are far away, you are still in my heart.
    The great game pays tribute to the great people. It is exactly the meaning of the "NBA 2K21" Mamba Eternal Edition. Damien Lillard represents the present, Zion Williams represents the future, and Kobe Bryant is Represents the eternal and immortal classic legend.
    Mamba never out. Although you are far away, you are still in my heart. The same is true for the "NBA 2K" series of games. Even if there are constant problems, it is still a classic electronic basketball game that fans will never die.

    Your unfinished legend will be written by me in the game.