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Customized Rubber Seal Factory Introduces What Is A Seal

qide xin 20 Jun 19

In the hydraulic and pneumatic transmission system and its components, the function of arranging sealing devices and sealing components is to prevent the leakage of the working medium and the intrusion of external dust and foreign objects. The element that is arranged in the sealing device and plays a sealing role is called seals.


When the working medium of hydraulic and pneumatic transmission flows or temporarily stores in the cavity of the system and components, due to the change of pressure, intermittent, viscosity, and other factors, a small amount of working medium crosses the boundary of the cavity, from the high-pressure cavity to the low-pressure cavity or Outflow from the outside world, this "outflow out of bounds" phenomenon is called leakage.


The sealing mechanism of dynamic seal


The dynamic seal cannot simply rely on closing the gap between the joint surfaces to achieve sealing, because the tighter the gap between the joint surfaces is sealed, the greater the frictional resistance when the dual surfaces move relative to each other, causing the joint surface to heat up, affecting the formation of the lubricating oil film, making the Seals fail quickly. Therefore, the research on the mechanism of the dynamic seal focuses on the mechanism of forming and maintaining the lubricating oil film between the joint surfaces, so that the seal can be maintained without excessive friction.


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