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Artificial Boxwood Hedge Manufacturers Introduce The Knowledge

ecoturff haining 21 Jun 9

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Manufacturers introduce the asphalt basis of the method of laying lawn:

1. Flatness: The foundation should have certain strength and stability. The foundation should not be cracked and uneven frost heave caused by freezing. The qualified rate of flatness should be above 95%, and the error of 3-meter ruler should be 3mm.
2. Slope: horizontal <1%, vertical <1‰, high jumping area <4‰, the surface should be flat and smooth to ensure drainage.
3. Strength and stability:Asphalt foundation is best to use bituminous material without wax or with little wax, and its asphalt mixture must be fully compacted. The surface is uniform and solid, flat without cracks, no rotten edges, no pockmarks, smooth and smooth seams. The crushed stone diameter of the asphalt concrete surface is 2-5mm, the oil content is 5.8-6.4%, the particle size of the crushed stone of the joint layer is 6-9mm, and the content is 4.6-5.8%.
Scattering, waves, etc.
4. Drainage: The drainage system must drain the accumulated water two hours after heavy rain.
5. Maintenance period: The basic maintenance period is 28 days.

Through the above introduction, Artificial Golf Grass Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.