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Corrugated Plastic Bin Manufacturers Introduce How To Use Corru

yfcorru gatedhz 20 Jun 14

Corrugated Plastic Bin Manufacturers Introduces The raw material of the Corrugated Plastic Box is polypropylene, which belongs to a new type of plastic material and is environmentally friendly. It is precise because the raw material polypropylene that the hollow board produced is light in the material, non-toxic, tasteless, harmless, corrosion-resistant, and salt-resistant. Alkali is waterproof and moisture-proof and has the advantage of a smooth and beautiful appearance.
Coupled with the particularity of polypropylene itself, the performance of the hollow board material is extremely stable, and it is not prone to aging or oxidation. These advantages allow it to have the traditional packaging materials in the rolling market. Not only that, but the hollow board also has PP hollow board with a conductive material and PP anti-static hollow board with anti-static material, which is mainly used in the electronic and electrical industry.

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