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Fabric Banner Material Suppliers Introduces The Characteristics

qiansi fang 72 Jan 13

Fabric Banner Material Suppliers introduces 9 common curtain fabrics:

1. Flannel. The surface of this type of curtain has a lot of fluff, which feels very comfortable to the touch, and the drape is also good, but the fluff is easy to fall off, and it is relatively difficult to clean.

2. Cotton linen. This is a natural raw material with antistatic properties and relatively high softness. It's just that the shading effect is not very good, and the wear resistance will be low.

3. Blackout cloth. It has good shading effect and indoor privacy protection function, so it is often used in bedrooms.

4. Jacquard cloth. It is made by weaving different colors. The pattern is beautiful and the color is also good. It is generally used in luxury houses or high-end hotels.

5. Chenille cloth. Also known as chenille, it is very soft and thick. Compared with velvet curtains, it is of higher grade, but the price is more expensive. It is often used in Nordic style.

6. Velvet cloth. The layering and shading effects are relatively good. Installing it indoors can improve the home atmosphere and bring good results.

7. Embroidered cloth. The raw materials used are high-end and highly decorative. When decorated indoors, the three-dimensional effect is very strong and the grade is high. It is also a curtain material that many people choose.

8. Gauze. It has better air permeability and can create a good atmosphere. It is good for bedrooms and living rooms. The decorative shading effect is insufficient, and it is extremely easy to damage.

9. Calico. The color on the surface is relatively rich, and there are many patterns and styles. It is often used in children's rooms, and the aesthetic effect will be better, which can meet the needs of daily use.

Through the above introduction, Hospital Curtain Fabric Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.